Mif Busters


Luckily for me, Liz loves MythBusters. 

We watched the dog episode the other night (teach an old dog new tricks, beat the guard dog, beat the bloodhound, etc.).  Here’s what Liz took away from it:  “Dogs like smelling dog pee.  And foods.  And Mif Busters.”  When Grant built the robot cat and did his evil laugh, Liz said, “That’s not really alive!  It’s a robot.  Grant always builds a robot because it’s his job.  HAHAHAHAHA the dog just bited that robot!”

Speaking of Grant, we both think he’s pretty cute.  Sometimes when he’s on the screen, Liz will pretend to hug him.  One time, she pretended to take him out of the screen.  She led Pretend Grant up to me.  “Mom, this is Grant!”  She took a step back.  “That’s a introduce,” she whispered, “now you have to shake his hand.”

So, I shook hands with Pretend Grant, said I was a big fan, and asked if I could show him around town.  (note: I am not this slick with real-life attractive men)  Of course, since we were pretending, he said yes, so I asked for his phone number.  I messed around with my phone, and thought we were done.

Nope.  “Ring ring! Mom, Grant is calling you!”  While I pretended to talk on the phone, Liz grabbed a pen and an envelope and wrote numbers on it.  “Mom!  It’s his address so you could pick him up.” She shoved it in to my hand.  “But first you have to watch more Mif Busters!  Can we watch the ninjas one?”

The ninja episode has Adam getting his butt kicked, Adam attempting to walk on water, catching an arrow, and catching a sword.  The build team’s myth, catching a sword, is heavy on Grant being awesome.  He builds a robot (which Liz just loves), slams his hands together with the most force out of the build team, and swings a sword faster than either Kari or Tory.  So it’s a great episode.

At the very end, Jamie and Adam mix up a non-newtonian fluid, a mix of cornstarch and water thats apparent viscosity increases when subjected to stress.  This means you can walk on it.  Liz was enthralled by this stuff.  She was jumping up and down, cheering, yelling, laughing…she pointed at the TV and yelled, “I WANT THAT!”  She stepped closer so her finger was on the screen, on the fluid, and said, “I want a non-newtonian fluid for my five birthday!”

When I tried to get her in the bath, she threw a tantrum:  “I didn’t even get to see a explosion!”  Good thing we have the DVDs for another week, huh?


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