Girl animals and boy animals


Liz spends part of her time at my house and part of her time at Dad’s house.  There are pets at each house.   All are fixed and all are rescues.


My pets:

Missy – female terrier mutt of some sort

Nushi – female cat

Billie – female cat


Dad’s pets:

Bakemono – male cat

Senor Peaches – male cat, obvs

Whispurr – female cat


Bakemono and Peach do not like each other.  To communicate their dislike for each other and attempt to occupy each other’s territory, they spray.  Liz says, “Whispurr doesn’t pee on the floor or the walls, because she’s a girl, and she thinks that’s disgusting.  And whispurr is a smart kitty but Bakemono sometimes thinks derp, and Peacho always thinks derp derp derp!”

The other day, Twin Bro came over for coffee.  He stayed for about an hour, Liz watched Sesame Street, we talked about “boring grownup things,” Twin Bro mentioned something stupid that Bakemono and Peach had done, and we had a nice and mellow time.    Then he left.  Liz said, “Oh, good.  Now we’re all girls, so everything can be quiet and peace.”

(I really wonder what version of reality she’s seeing…the terrierist destroys things on a regular basis, every creature in the house raises her voice at least once a day,  there’s plenty of running and horseplay…our home is more mosh pit than tea party most of the time)


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