Dad’s trip


Dad is going to Salt Lake City for work.  Liz and I had this little discussion:

Mom: Has Dad started packing yet?

Liz:  No.

Mom:  What do you think he should bring?

Liz:  A toothbrush and some toothpaste, so he can brush his teeth.

Mom:  What else do you think he needs?  Clothes, maybe?

Liz:  Yeah.  And SOCKS!

Me:  Definitely socks.  He’s going on an airplane.  That might be boring.

Liz:  Yeah.  He should bring some plain white paper.

Me:  What could he do with that?

Liz:  Well, he’d have to bring some crayons and some markers, too, and then he could draw.

Me:  Oh yeah.  That works.  Do you think he’ll get lonely?

Liz: NO!!  Silly.  There are always lots of people on an airplane.

Me:  Good point.  Do you think he’ll miss the cats?

Liz:  Well, he could see them when he gets back.

Me:  Do you think he’ll miss you?

Liz:  :sigh:  He’ll see me when he gets back, too, so it’s okay.

Me:  Well, you’re pretty cool.  Dad misses you whenever you’re with me, and I miss you when you’re with him.  Maybe we should call him.

Liz:  YEAH!  And we could make him a card, and put it in the mailbox, and then the mailman could take it to … where’s he going?  The airplane!  The mailman could take it to him at the airplane.


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