More jobs for Liz


“Mom!  I want cheerleader to be my job!  I could use pom poms and do dances and do cheerleader things at football games!”

“Maybe I could work at Target.  Then I could get lots of things.  And I could wear red.  I could talk to all the people, that would be fun…and I would be really good at putting the flowers in the buckets since I love flowers.”

“HEY!!  I could be a gardener!  I could wear gloves and long sleeves and long pants so the bees don’t get me.  I would need one of those hats with the stuff on it to keep the bees out, though.  I don’t want to get stinged.”

“Did you know that black is allowed in ballet?  But I’d need a pink tutu.  That way, I could look pretty when I go to ballet school and when I do ballet shows when I’m a grown-up woman.”


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