Learning the wrong lesson


The other day at daycare, Liz got hurt.  Her daycare center is going through some remodeling, and the contractor was fixing the big lighthouse on the playground.  The teacher told the kids to stay away, but Liz went in there anyway.

Somehow, Liz got hit in the face with a board!  It got her mouth, her chin, and her neck. 

When the teacher told me about it, I figured that getting hurt is punishment enough for being where she wasn’t supposed to be.  I kept her inside for the night, gave her some soft pasta for dinner because her tooth hurt, and put her to bed early.

The next morning, we were getting ready to go back to daycare.  I asked how her face felt.  She told me it didn’t hurt anymore.  I asked her what she learned from her accident the day before.

She said, “Eating healthy foods and resting will make me feel better!”


She eventually got the lesson that she should listen to her teachers when they say to stay away from something, but I had to spell it out for her.


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