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A Halloween story, courtesy of Liz


Once upon a time, there was a Kirby. (Yes, the pink balloon thing of 8-bit fame. –Mom)  She was a girl Kirby, and she dressed up like a princess and goed trick or treating.  She goed to lots of houses and eated all their candy.

Then she went to Munkenstein’s house.  Munkenstein said, “Oh, you look so pretty, Princess Kirby!  Here, you can have all my candy.”

The Kirby said, “Oh, thank you!”  And then she eated all his candy.

She goed to a witch’s house, and eated her so she could have witch power.  Then she could use magic any time she wanted!  She used magic to make a lot of candy and she shared it with Munkenstein.  The End.


Liz’s homework


Part of Liz’s homework this week is something called “Creative Kettle Bones.”  (Yeah, I don’t know either)  Anyway, they’re word prompts.  I ask the questions, Liz answers them, and I write the answers down.

Here you go:

THE INGREDIENTS FOR A MAGIC POTION ARE…  Fruit, water, oil, a rainbow, and juice.

THE BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME I EVER SAW WAS…  That costume of those monsters that say “mahna mahna” and I want to be that for Halloween.


LAST NIGHT AS I WAS PASSING THE GRAVEYARD… I saw some bad guys bury some junk.

O.o ?!

Dad’s trip


Dad is going to Salt Lake City for work.  Liz and I had this little discussion:

Mom: Has Dad started packing yet?

Liz:  No.

Mom:  What do you think he should bring?

Liz:  A toothbrush and some toothpaste, so he can brush his teeth.

Mom:  What else do you think he needs?  Clothes, maybe?

Liz:  Yeah.  And SOCKS!

Me:  Definitely socks.  He’s going on an airplane.  That might be boring.

Liz:  Yeah.  He should bring some plain white paper.

Me:  What could he do with that?

Liz:  Well, he’d have to bring some crayons and some markers, too, and then he could draw.

Me:  Oh yeah.  That works.  Do you think he’ll get lonely?

Liz: NO!!  Silly.  There are always lots of people on an airplane.

Me:  Good point.  Do you think he’ll miss the cats?

Liz:  Well, he could see them when he gets back.

Me:  Do you think he’ll miss you?

Liz:  :sigh:  He’ll see me when he gets back, too, so it’s okay.

Me:  Well, you’re pretty cool.  Dad misses you whenever you’re with me, and I miss you when you’re with him.  Maybe we should call him.

Liz:  YEAH!  And we could make him a card, and put it in the mailbox, and then the mailman could take it to … where’s he going?  The airplane!  The mailman could take it to him at the airplane.

More jobs for Liz


“Mom!  I want cheerleader to be my job!  I could use pom poms and do dances and do cheerleader things at football games!”

“Maybe I could work at Target.  Then I could get lots of things.  And I could wear red.  I could talk to all the people, that would be fun…and I would be really good at putting the flowers in the buckets since I love flowers.”

“HEY!!  I could be a gardener!  I could wear gloves and long sleeves and long pants so the bees don’t get me.  I would need one of those hats with the stuff on it to keep the bees out, though.  I don’t want to get stinged.”

“Did you know that black is allowed in ballet?  But I’d need a pink tutu.  That way, I could look pretty when I go to ballet school and when I do ballet shows when I’m a grown-up woman.”

Learning the wrong lesson


The other day at daycare, Liz got hurt.  Her daycare center is going through some remodeling, and the contractor was fixing the big lighthouse on the playground.  The teacher told the kids to stay away, but Liz went in there anyway.

Somehow, Liz got hit in the face with a board!  It got her mouth, her chin, and her neck. 

When the teacher told me about it, I figured that getting hurt is punishment enough for being where she wasn’t supposed to be.  I kept her inside for the night, gave her some soft pasta for dinner because her tooth hurt, and put her to bed early.

The next morning, we were getting ready to go back to daycare.  I asked how her face felt.  She told me it didn’t hurt anymore.  I asked her what she learned from her accident the day before.

She said, “Eating healthy foods and resting will make me feel better!”


She eventually got the lesson that she should listen to her teachers when they say to stay away from something, but I had to spell it out for her.

Fan mail to the Wiggles


Dear Wiggles,

I went to the zoo and saw wallabies.  They’re from Australia just like you guys!

We are going to come over to your house sometime.

My mom’s friend is in Australia now.  You should say hi to her, because she’s very nice.  She has long hair and it’s kind of gray black.

I like your singing.  And I like Greg, too.