One-liners about two boyfriends


“I have two boyfriends.  One is L and one is J.  L sometimes razzes at me when J gives me huggies!”

“I tried to give L a kissy but he runned away.  So I had to catch him and then give him one.”

“Maybe I will marry J.  But I don’t want to have any babies, so I won’t make my DNA mix up with his DNA.”

(said at 3:00am)  “Mom, I think I will marry L instead.  He has yellow hair like me.  And we could still don’t have babies.  Just give each other kissies.”

“J is my boyfriend because he acts like my boyfriend.  And L is my boyfriend because he has yellow hair and he’s cute.”

“I know what to do with boyfriends.  Sometimes you marry them!  And you go to the wedding and wear a white dress.”

“Dad listens to talking podcasts.  My boyfriends shouldn’t listen to talking podcasts because talking annoys my ears and my whole body.  They should listen to the mahna mahna song and the Wiggles.”


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