Peace:  Peace is when everyone is all love.

Gemini:  Gemini means twins, because there are two of them!  (in reference to the Gemini roller coaster)

Computer:  A computer makes all the things easier.  You can type in a website and it will do whatever you want, or you can push on the buttons at the top and then it does things too.

Appetite:  When you have a appetite, that means you’re really crazy for something.  Like a food.

Taylor Swift:  That’s a girl who wants to be a princess.  She looks almost like a princess, but she doesn’t have a tiara, so she needs to get one.  But she’s pretty.  And she could sing.  So maybe she will be a princess!

Appreciate:  Appreciate is love and thank you.  (very accurate! –Mom)

Soccer:  Soccer is where you can’t use your hands except if you’re the goalie.  And if you’re a dog, you can’t use your mouth.


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