Angry Birds!


Liz loves Angry Birds.  Since she could play it on her dad’s iPod Touch before I got a smartphone, she’s better at it than I am.  In fact, she felt the need to teach me how to play:

“Okay, Mom.  You have to frow the birds out of the slingshot and make them break all the armored pig heads. If you touch the screen, the yellow birds will go faster and the blue birds will make more birds.  The black birds explode.  Sometimes you could find a golden egg.  I can win all the golden eggs for you because I’m more better.  Maybe we could use teamwork and you frow the bird and then I can touch the screen.”

She then grabbed my phone, unlocked it (!!!), started Angry Birds, and pulled up Level 1-1.  She told me, “This is the most easiest level so you could win and it’s easy.”

It doesn’t end there, though!  She wakes me up in the middle of the night to talk about it (“Hey Mom, did you know that sometimes the armored pig heads wear cowboy hats?”).  She bought an Angry Bird toy with her tickets from Dave & Busters. 

On top of that, one of her favorite games to play with me is Angry Birds family:  “I’m the blue Angry Bird and you’re the yellow Angry Bird.  And I’m the big sister.  And you’re the mom because you did laid an egg.  Oh, look!  The red Angry Bird cracked out of the egg!  Now she’s my little sister!  We’re hungry, Mom Angry Bird!”

She has also suggested getting a slingshot and all of the Angry Birds toys, so “we could build stacks and buildings and put armored pig heads in them and play Angry Birds at here!”


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