A few exchanges


A little girl, probably only 3 (talking, but teeny tiny) came up to Liz at the fountain and said, “I like your dress.  And your hair is lovely!  HAY MOM HER HAIR IS LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL SEE?  We should be friends because I like having pretty friends.”

Thankfully, Liz’s answer was this:  “Oh, thank you!  You’re very pretty too and I like your sparkly earrings.  Maybe if you try hard, you can have lovely hair like me!  And your swimsuit has golden hearts on it, which makes it really pretty.”

(age 4)


I took Liz to the new apartment. She said, “I’ll let you live here, even though they don’t have a pool.” Then she got confused and thought we were moving right then. I explained the move to her, saying we’d bring most of our things; we’d bring Nushi, Missy, Adam, and Tory (“Those aren’t things, they’re petsies! You have to bring a tank and water for Adam and Tory.”); and that we’d put our stuff in friends’ cars to move it (“My daycare friends will help me move?!”). I think she caught on eventually.

(age 3)


T has decided that he loooooooves Liz, and of course the best way to express this is through awkward physical violence:
T:  LIZ!  [pile driver]
Liz:  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T:  [babbles nonsense] LIZ [moar nonsense] YEAH [whaargrbl] HELLO
Liz:  Mom!  He did say my name!
T:  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liz:  Now I can put on this little hatsie (paper bowl) and dance.  [dance dance dance]
T:  [shoves Liz right on the butt cheeks] YEAH
And that’s how it went pretty much all night.  I would have stuck those two in the monkey house if they weren’t so cute.  Liz was very helpful with K, too:
K:  [fuss fuss fuss]
Liz:  It’s okay.  Do you miss your mommy?  She’s right over there.  She could pick you up when she’s done eating.  Do you want me to make a funny face at you?  :p  Aww, you have little tootsies!
T:  BEH BEH [shoves K]

(Liz, age 4. T, age 2. K, age 5mos.)


Liz: Dad, why aren’t you waking up!?
Stephen: Because I’m very tired, what time is it?

(age 4)


We played Barbie Problems in the bath. For this scenario, I played the Lifeguard, and Liz was the Dispatcher.
Lifeguard:  I’ll call 911.  [beep beep beep]
Dispatcher:  What’s the address of your emergency?
Lifeguard:  We’re at the rec center, in the pool.
Dispatcher:  Oh.  Well, I’m a mermaid and a EMT and I can drive a underwater ambulance.  It’s called a clambulance!  And I have really long hair.  And my partner has really long hair too.
Lifeguard:  I’ll keep an eye out. Please hurry, though, there’s a lady in the locker room who broke her neck.
Dispatcher:  Well, that’s okay.  Bye!

(age 4)


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