The Glitter Incident


There’s glitter all over the living room. :facepalm: Once again, lack of foresight on my part results in a *really* good time for Liz.

Liz has the cold from hell, so we’ve been taking it easy at home. I’ve been kind of stuck as to what else she could do around the house besides watch annoying kid TV, unloading the toybox and scattering its contents everywhere, and whining. Liz showed me a craft she made, a “popsicle” made from a craft stick, construction paper, and glitter. She made it at daycare, and wanted to make another one at home. Fair enough.

We got craft sticks and glitter at Target, came home, and got started. I figured there would be some glitter on the table, and maybe on the floor by the table. I can deal with that.


We did the craft, made yummy looking sparkly paper popsicles, got glue and glitter all over the table, and so on. We made glittery umbrellas, masks, puppets, and so on…yeah, kind of a mess.

Then we were done. I got on the computer, Liz went to the couch to watch Yo Gabba Gabba…and then this happened.

Liz: I’m making some magical fairy soup. It has magic, and fruits, and fairy dust, and it’s yummy.
Me: ?! Fairy dust?
Liz: Just a little. [pours glitter into her bucket of blocks] But you know how we could make it even more magical? ADD MORE FAIRY DUST! See? I put more sparkles in. And now I have to mix it. I think I’ll put some sparkles in my hair, too.
Me: :facepalm:
Liz: Oh, look. My little ponies are riding in my bug car. Maybe they need some magic. [dumps glitter in toy VW bug]

The entire living room is covered in glitter. Liz, who fell asleep on the couch at 7:00 last night, is covered in glitter too. I’m sure I’ll be finding glitter months from now. I’m glad she had fun, but from now on, the glitter stays at daycare.

Did I mention the glitter on the cats and the dog? The red glitter looks fabulous on the black cat.


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