Designated Drivers are Rude


The other day, I went to a family gathering at a Mexican restaurant, and wanted some margaritas.  I suggested that my Twin Bro could drive me home.  Liz had kittens:

Liz:  MOM!  No!  He can’t drive your car!

Me:  Why not?

Liz:  Because that would be RUDE.

Me:  What are you talking about?

Liz:  It is your car.  You own that car.  You have to drive it, otherwise that’s very rude and mean.

Me:  O.o  !!!  Well, how about this:  I’ll ask him very politely, and give him the option to say no.  If he agrees to drive my car, I’ll say thank you.  Is that okay?

Liz:  Yeah.  But it would be better if you drived, because it’s your car.

(After I asked very politely, Twin Bro agreed to drive my car.  ¡Salud!)


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