Where do babies come from?


Liz is fascinated with babies.  Of course she is, they’re cute.

She asked, “Mom, why was I in your belly?”

I told her that when babies are too little to live on their own, they stay in a special organ called a uterus that is made to grow babies. In there, the baby gets all the nutrients and all the protection she needs from Mom.

Then she asked, “Well, how do they get out?”

I told her, “That can happen two ways. When you were born, the doctor cut me open and took you out, because you were very sick. Most babies come out of mom’s vagina, one of those girl parts we talked about.”

Liz said, “Oh, ok. I think that would hurt less than getting cutted. Did you know that T (cousin) is a big baby and K (other cousin) is a little baby? But they’re big enough to get born.”

More recently, she’s been asking some real headscratchers:

Why did you get me as a baby and not any other baby?

Why am I a girl and not a boy?

How does each baby get its own right voice?

How do babies remember to get hair on their heads and on their eyebrows?  How come none of them forget to get their hair?

I can deal with the awkward questions, but…um…is there a geneticist in the house?


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