Who is this kid?


I have this daughter.  Her name is Liz, and as of now, she is four years old.  I’ve had a few requests to archive or blog all the funny stuff she says, and I’d like to get all the funny stories in one place so I can eventually show it to her high school friends and embarrass her.

Right now, I’m trolling my emails and journals and posts on message boards, looking for the funny, trying to throw down and categorize every silly thing I’ve documented.  I’m about to be SUPER BUSY.  Eventually I should catch up, and just throw down the daily funny as it happens, but first, I have a ton of archiving to do.

Here’s Liz talking about herself:

“I am FOUR now.  That means I’m a big kid and I can do science and maf.  I can do maf problems like adding.  And I can draw molecules.  When I’m a teenager, I can do more maf and more science, and I can be in high school.”

When asked what science and math she’d like to do…

“Well, I don’t know. Because my brain is still a little kid and she finks about playing.”

And when asked if four-year-olds throw tantrums…

“I’m still a little bit three.”

Here’s her self-image in one sentence:

“Mom, I’m so beautiful and I’m very cute.”  

She is a fashion plate, though a four-year-old’s grasp of fashion is obviously limited:

“Mom, I wish I had a pink and blue and gold dress with sparkles on it and jewels and flowers.”

“Mom, I need the Skechers Twinkle Toes. And I need pink shoes with bows on them, and blue shoes, and sandals like the one you have, and flip flops with Wall E and princesses on them, and I need rain boots with different patters on them so I could wear them with different outfits…”



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